Why the Opinion Industry Hates 'Most People'

Author: Timothy Karr

[Commentary] Phil Kerpen, who fronts Americans for Prosperity, the Tea Party organizing group, called Network Neutrality supporters "angry radicals" who are "ideologically committed to having control of our communications systems." "So we have Marxists that are designing and working on Net Neutrality ... to control content," said Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck after Kerpen purported to explain the issue. "This is what most people, most people, are worried about." It sure sounds scary. What's scarier still is that Kerpen never discloses that his crackpot populism is funded by the same companies that want to eliminate Net Neutrality. Americans for Prosperity rakes in substantial sums from big corporations to undermine consumers' rights, attack health care reform and paint efforts to curb global warming as socialism's Trojan Horse. But most people aren't buying it, and appear to support access to an Internet that's without corporate gatekeepers.

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