Carmakers favor US ban on texting while driving

Source: Reuters
Author: John Crawley

Automakers backed calls to ban drivers on US roads from text messaging with cell phones and other hand-held devices, an issue gaining attention from the Obama administration and Congress. "It's common sense," Dave McCurdy, president of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers trade group, said in a conference call with reporters on Wednesday, a week before the US government holds a distracted driving forum in Washington. "The use of hand-held devices has increased dramatically and I think there is a temptation to lose focus and take your eyes off the road," McCurdy said. The auto alliance represents General Motors, Ford Motor and Chrysler as well as Toyota Motor, Volkswagen and other overseas carmakers. The wireless industry -- including cellphone manufacturers, carriers, and some Internet companies represented by the CTIA-Wireless Association -- also believes texting "is incompatible with safe driving."



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