FCC Seeks Comment on Access to Broadband Data

The Federal Communications Commission is seeking comment on how to interpret and implement sections 106(h)(1) and 106(h)(2) of the Broadband Data Improvement Act (BDIA). Since 2000, the Commission has collected basic service information from broadband service providers using Form 477. In 2008, the Commission adopted revisions to the Form 477, which would result in the collection of more detailed and granular data. At the same time, the Commission issued a further notice of proposed rulemaking, which, among other things, sought comment on the issue of how to provide Form 477 information to other broadband initiatives, including those undertaken by state agencies and public-private partnerships, and on how to preserve confidentiality when sharing the information collected on Form 477. Comments due Seven days after publication in the Federal Register; Reply Comments are due Twelve days after publication in the Federal Register. Contact: Jeremy Miller at (202) 418-0940

Comments on the Public Notice are due July 30, 2009, and reply comments are due August 4, 2009



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