Google Critic Paid By Microsoft

Source: CongressDaily
Author: Andrew Noyes

Telecommunications analyst Scott Cleland, whose work is bankrolled by companies like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon, also signed on as a hired gun for Microsoft earlier this year, according to a summary of testimony he plans to deliver Thursday at a joint hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Communications Subcommittee and Consumer Protection Subcommittee. The focus of the session is Internet privacy and behavioral advertising. Cleland, a frequent critic of Google, runs Precursor, an industry research and consulting firm, and chairs, which he describes as a "a pro-competition e-forum funded by broadband companies." While Cleland asserts that his testimony reflects his personal views and not the views of his clients, Google sympathizers wonder if his new affiliation with Microsoft might further fuel what they believe is an already staunchly anti-Google agenda.



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