FTTH Council Tells FCC that U.S. Has "Rare Opportunity" to Advance to All-Fiber Broadband

Author: press release

The economic stimulus legislation enacted earlier this year has provided the Federal Communications Commission with a "rare opportunity" to set forth a grand plan for broadband infrastructure that will help maintain US economic leadership for the rest of this century, according to comments filed by the Fiber-to-the-Home Council with the FCC. FTTH Council calls on the FCC to act boldly and set forth the goal of universal access to very high speed, all-fiber networks. "By doing so, it will expand our social and economic horizons and provide enormous benefits for all Americans," the Council wrote. "Because of their demands for an ever-expanding array of video-based and other large-file content and applications, American consumers are already beginning to demand and will certainly require shortly fixed access infrastructure supporting broadband services with transmissions at speeds of at least 100 megabits per second bidirectionally - and that these needs will continue to burgeon," the Council said in the filing.



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