FCC Trying to Enhance First Responders Use of 4.9 Ghz Broadband

On April 9, the Federal Communications Commission adopted rules that will help expand and enhance first responders' deployment of broadband communication technologies across the nation in the 4.9 GHz band, thereby helping to stimulate the economy. The new rules will also better enable first responders to more easily share time-sensitive data and streaming video footage in emergencies or life-threatening incidents. Under the Order, the Commission granted primary status to (1) 4.9 GHz stand-alone, permanent fixed links that are used to deliver broadband service (such as a fixed video surveillance link used to monitor high-risk facilities or environments), and (2) permanent fixed links that connect 4.9 GHz base and mobile stations used to deliver broadband service (for such uses as supporting broadband communications at "hot-spots" and other fixed public safety broadband networks), as well as connect other public safety networks using spectrum designated for broadband use.



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