The Future of Communications

Coverage Type: op-ed
Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC, 20554, United States

[Commentary] Nothing is more seminal to our existence than how we connect. Today we are on the cusp of what could become the greatest network-driven change in history.

The power of connections is no longer centralizing. Whereas railroad, telegraph and telephone networks had to converge at a hub to exchange activity, a distributed digital network allows activity at the edges of the network without a hub. It's not technology that will define our future -- it's us. The new technology will cleave us from the comfortable legacies established by the old networks. The new era of distributed activity encourages "innovation without permission." As such, our challenge will echo that of earlier eras confronted by new networks. We know from that history how the rewards go to those who push past network legacies and press forward to harness that which the new networks make possible.


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