Networked Families

The Internet and cell phones have become central components of modern family life. Among all household types, the traditional nuclear family has the highest rate of technology usage and ownership. A national survey of 2,252 adults by the Pew Internet & American Life Project has found that households with a married couple and minor children are more likely than other household types -- such as single adults, homes with unrelated adults, or couples without children - to have cell phones and use the Internet. 89% of married-with-children households own multiple cell phones, and nearly half own three or more mobile devices. 66% of married-with-children households have a high-speed broadband Internet connection at home, well above the national average for all households of 52%. Both spouses and at least one child go online in 65% of married-with-children households. 58% of married-with-children households contain two or more desktop or laptop computers.



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