Helping American Students Compete in a Digital World

Coverage Type: press release
Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC, 20554, United States

My fellow Commissioners and I have the responsibility of ensuring the E-Rate program meets today’s needs. The E-Rate of yesterday -- which has focused on providing schools and libraries with basic connectivity -- needs to be updated to support today’s Gigabit fiber and Wi-Fi connectivity. Modernizing E-Rate is critical for our students and teachers.

As part of our top to bottom review of E-Rate, the opportunity has opened to use existing funds to immediately begin to expand E-Rate funding targeted to high-speed connectivity to students in schools and libraries. These additionally available funds will begin to be put to work this year for schools and libraries. This will be done without affecting the program’s existing structures and the 2014 program application process that is now underway. We will soon bring to the Commission a detailed plan to achieve these objectives. As we move forward, there will be many voices and perspectives. They will all be heard and respected. I look forward to building on the ongoing activities of my colleagues and working with all parties interested in modernizing E-Rate to build on the success of the past, and to make sure American students get the 21st Century education they deserve.



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