Skype: Wireless Networks Are Not Opening Up

Source: BusinessWeek
Author: Olga Kharif

In a letter to the Federal Communications Commission dated Sept. 12, Chris Libertelli of Web-calling service Skype reported that he believes that U.S. wireless carriers have had a change of heart about opening up their networks to applications. Remember, in the past year, several carriers including Verizon Wireless have committed to opening up their networks to all apps and devices. Well, Skype argues that carriers are still exercising too much control over which apps and devices get a green light. "Despite the carriers' assurances, when lip service to the goals of open networks is translated into their terms of service, they continue to require their subscribers to limit the applications and devices that can be used on their networks," according to the filing, in which Skype is asking for federal regulation to ensure industry-wide compliance with open policies.



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