Group warns FCC: Comcast's good behavior just a "trick play"

Source: Ars Technica
Author: Nate Anderson

[Commentary] Free Press has filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission noting that Comcast is lying, blocking, flip-flopping, and upping its speeds without making infrastructure investments ("window dressing"), but the company's recent public partnerships with companies like BitTorrent are merely a facade designed to keep regulators at bay. But if the FCC's attention falters, says Free Press, Comcast will just do exactly what it did years ago in the old line-sharing debate: beat off regulators, then go back to bad habits. "In short," says the filing, "Comcast's side-deals are the product of government scrutiny and Comcast's desperate desire to frustrate FCC action... We call the Commission's attention to Comcast's pattern of cutting deals when the FCC is looking, and then using market power and bottleneck control to destroy competition when FCC attention moves to new challenges. Indeed, Comcast is using the same playbook with the open Internet that it used a few years ago during the ISP open access debate."



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