Video game invades classroom, scores education points

Source: USAToday
Author: Greg Toppo
Coverage Type: reporting
GlassLab, Redwood Shores , CA, United States

World domination through learning? An alliance of educators and innovators are using a version of 'SimCity' to stem students' boredom and electrify future U.S. scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

GlassLab (Games, Learning and Assessment Lab) is an effort that envisions using video games to spur a new generation of students to embrace science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers. Housed at the Redwood Shores (CA) offices of video game giant Electronic Arts (EA), the team's first effort debuts with a free online community based on the newly rebooted world-building game SimCity, along with free lesson plans and an online teachers' network. In the game, players act as the builder and mayor of a fictional town, essentially creating the place from the ground up: They build infrastructure, industry and housing and try to attract residents. Once townspeople arrive, the mayor must scramble to keep them happy, productive and safe.


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