New Report Reveals Regional Differences in Illinois Broadband Usage

Author: Roxana Ryan
Coverage Type: press release
Partnership for a Connected Illinois (Broadband Illinois), 531 E Washington, Springfield, IL, 62701, United States

The digital divide prevails in areas of Southern and Western Illinois where less than 60 percent of residents use high-speed internet services at their home, according to a report on broadband adoption and usage released by Broadband Illinois. Identifying who has high-speed internet, who doesn’t, and how broadband adoption can be expanded to more Illinois homes are key themes of the research, which was gathered via a phone survey in the first quarter of 2012. The report is unique in that it provides a regional breakdown of broadband adoption and usage patterns and cites reasons why some Illinois households choose not to have broadband at home.

Other key findings of the report:

  • 68% of Illinois adults surveyed have broadband at home; 56% of African Americans and 56% of Hispanics have broadband at home.
  • There is significant regional variation in home broadband adoption rates. For example, in four eTeam regions- Northwest, Southeast Central, Southern, and West Central- home broadband rates fall below 60%.
  • The 32% of Illinois adults without broadband at home are older, more rural, and have lower incomes than broadband users in the state. Cost, relevance, and digital literacy are cited as key reasons people do not have broadband.

[Editor's note: Benton Foundation Chairman Charles Benton serves on the Board of Directors of Broadband Illinois.]


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