The problem with Obama's privacy 'bill of rights'

Source: Fortune
Author: Dan Mitchell
Coverage Type: analysis
The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC, 20500, United States

The data-privacy framework unveiled by President Obama has received near-universal praise from privacy advocates. At the very least, they say, it represents a good start and proves that the Administration is serious about protecting privacy rights as they apply to how businesses collect and use personal data. The only drawback is that while the administration is calling for Congress to enact a "privacy bill of rights," the actual Bill of Rights is nowhere to be found in the announcement. The framework targets only the private sector's activities, not the government's. Given the increasing Constitutional leeway the government has granted to itself on data searches, wiretapping and the like, it's not surprising that privacy advocates are a little taken aback by the difference in how the Administration is treating the public and private sectors.



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