7 signs that Android is faltering as iOS strengthens

Source: GigaOm
Author: Kevin Tofel
Coverage Type: analysis

Based on a growing number of data points, Android’s sales dominance may be nearing its apex while Apple’s iOS is on the rise. Even as a daily user of both an Android smartphone and tablet, I can’t deny the facts that Android’s partners are not doing as well as they used to. The conclusion that Android’s best days are behind is surely arguable, but I am starting to think that Android is on the decline for several reasons.

  • The early Android handset makers are free-falling.
  • Apple is grabbing a huge share of mobile revenues and profits.
  • The top three smartphones are all iPhones.
  • First-time buyers are picking Android, but . . .
  • Even now, there are still few apps hitting Android before iOS.
  • Android no longer has a killer app.
  • There is less of a lock-in cost to keep people on Android.



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