Internet distributors are changing the TV syndication game

Author: Meg James
Coverage Type: reporting
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Television production studio executives long have been wary of Hulu and other forms of Internet distribution, fearing they would lead to increased piracy and destroy lucrative secondary markets, including syndication and DVD sales. But video streaming services offered by Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are becoming an unexpected boon to the TV syndication market.

By writing checks to license library content from networks, the Internet services are injecting new revenue into the TV business and breathing new life into middling shows. "The introduction of the subscription video-on-demand platform has broadened the opportunities for exploitation of product in a very positive way for consumers and studios," said Ken Werner, president of Warner Bros. domestic television distribution. "You do not need to accumulate 100 episodes of a series because 40 hours of programming is a lot, so many of these shows work perfectly well on these new services." (Dec 31)



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