Converter boxes to bring better quality, but different screen setups to older TVs

Did my TV screen just shrink? That's the question a lot of people will be asking after installing one of the converter boxes that will keep their older TV sets tuned into over-the-air broadcasts after Feb. 17, when most stations will switch from analog to digital transmission. The Associated Press tested two boxes and found them to produce a picture quality far better than any analog channel, giving a whole new lease on life for a tube TV that lacks cable or satellite service (which will still work with older TVs after Feb. 17). The boxes also gave us access to more channels than analog reception. But the boxes have a peculiar problem: Unless users manually change settings from show to show, the picture from many stations either won't fill the screen or it will be so big that parts of the picture are cut off by the edges of the screen.,0,2658666.story?track=rss



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