In Europe, Tablets Replace TV Viewing But Smartphones Complement It

Source: AdAge
Author: Emma Hall
Coverage Type: reporting
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Tablet use cannibalizes TV consumption and drives m-commerce, according to a new survey into the mobile media habits of 5,000 Europeans in the U.K., France, Spain and Poland. In the U.K., 35% of tablet users regularly watch on-demand content, 40% view streamed content, and 39% are watching TV on their tablet instead of on a television set. Smartphones, by contrast, tend to complement TV consumption rather than replacing it. That's particularly true in France, where 19% of users say they watch more TV on a TV set as a result of their mobile usage. Phones also have a more positive impact on other digital media use, driving 20% of U.K. customers to browse more on PCs, and 15% to read more newspapers online. Of tablet users, 21% read their newspapers online. The research, carried out independently by TNS and commissioned by Orange, showed distinct differences in behavior between mobile and tablet usage. Smartphones are used to "kill time" when there is no access to other screens, while tablets are used to "save time" because they are perceived as efficient.



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