Wireless Lobby Urges More NTIA Funding


CTIA, the wireless industry's lobbying arm, is urging the Obama Administration to provide the National Telecommunications Information Administration with more resources so it can work to identify additional spectrum for the growing demand for mobile broadband.

In a letter to President Obama, CTIA President Steve Largent called on the Administration to push Congress to provide the NTIA with the funding it needs to identify additional spectrum to help meet the FCC's goal set in its national broadband plan of freeing up 500 megahertz of spectrum for mobile broadband over the next decade. Largent also urged the administration in its fiscal year 2012 budget plan to propose adequate funding for the NTIA to do this job.

Wireless Lobby Urges More NTIA Funding CTIA Asks Obama to Budget for NTIA Spectrum Management (B&C)