The Winds of Change Blowing Through FCC

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Lately, there has been a lot of news about all the political jockeying at the Federal Communications Commission over who will stay and who will go, plus who must leave and who will be appointed. So we thought a primer on how the FCC works might be in order.

When Donald Trump was elected, he could not just throw out the Democrats because they are appointed for a fixed term, although he can change who the Chair will be. Currently, bets are that the senior Republican Ajit Pai will be the Acting Chair until President Trump selects a permanent Chair. Mignon Clyburn is serving a second five-year term on the Commission which will officially expire on June 30 of 2017. However, there’s a grace period, called a “holdover,” after an FCC commissioner’s term expires, which ends when a replacement is confirmed, or at the end of the congressional session in the year following expiration of their term, whichever comes first. The holdover period for Clyburn ends December 2018. Ajit Pai is the senior Republican on the FCC; he was nominated by President Obama and his term expired on June 30, 2016; his holdover ends this December. Michael O’Rielly, the other Republican and the newest commissioner, was also nominated by President Obama. His term expires in December 2019 and his holdover period ends in December 2020.


These winds of change are a tornado.

    My REPUBLICAN Senator will not vote to confirm either Commissioner Pai or O'Reilly.

Will yours?

My House Reps. will not help anti-consumer Marsha Blackburn work with anti-consumer Chairman Commissioner Ajit Pai via the Congressional Review Act or Administrative Procedures Act either. See (APA, CRA)

Will yours?

Tornado conditions are still scary and might cause damage though a storm shelter will mitigate this fear.
Are you prepared for this storm?

    Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton will fight for net neutrality, like begun by Chairman Wheeler, to the point of filibustering reconfirmation of Chairman Commissioner Pai. This ISP lackey will now face a PUBLIC jury for justice just like Trump will in 2020.

I am hopeful though still concerned.

CurtisNeeley on February 16, 2017 - 4:03pm.


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