Why Dyn just bought global-Internet-monitoring firm Renesys

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When something goes wrong on the Internet, monitoring firm Renesys is watching.

Since 2000 the firm has tried to be the first to notify customers when Internet transmission goes dark, whether it's because of political strife or an undersea cable malfunction. Earlier, the company noticed another service outage in Syria's embattled Aleppo region.

Renesys announced that it was being acquired by Dyn, which monitors and manages its customers' Internet traffic. The sale price was not disclosed. Both companies are privately held. The acquisition reflects Web companies growing concern about the instability of the Internet. Internet outages have become more noticeable: Entire countries sometimes go off the map -- or traffic gets mysteriously rerouted.

"The world has become very flat when it comes to Internet usage," says Jim Cowie, Renesys' head of research and development. And that means more demand for intelligence about the status of the global Web, which can be volatile, he said.

Why Dyn just bought global-Internet-monitoring firm Renesys Internet performance and management company Dyn acquires Renesys (GigaOm)