US states probe eBay cyber attack as customers complain

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EBay came under pressure over a massive hacking of customer data as three US states began investigating the e-commerce company's security practices.

Connecticut, Florida and Illinois said they are jointly investigating the matter.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman requested eBay provide free credit monitoring for everyone affected. Details about what happened are still unclear because eBay has provided few details about the attack. It is also unclear what legal authority states have over eBay's handling of the matter. The states' quick move shows that authorities are serious about holding companies accountable for securing data following high-profile breaches at other companies, including retailers Target, Neiman Marcus and Michaels and credit monitoring bureau Experian.

The investigation by the states will focus on eBay's measures for securing data, circumstances that led to the breach and the company's response, said Jaclyn Falkowski, a spokeswoman for Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen.

US states probe eBay cyber attack as customers complain eBay to face formal investigations over data breach (C-Net | News)