Tenth Broadband Progress Notice of Inquiry

This Federal Communications Commission inquiry concerns the deployment of advanced telecommunications capability to all US-Americans in a reasonable and timely fashion, and possible steps to accelerate such deployment.

The FCC starts anew by analyzing current data and seeking information that will enable the FCC to conduct an updated analysis for purposes of its next report.

In particular, the FCC seeks comment on the benchmarks to use to define “advanced telecommunications capability,” to explore whether the agency should establish separate benchmarks for fixed and mobile services, which data is reliable for measuring broadband, whether and how to take into account differences in broadband deployment, particularly between urban areas versus non-urban and Tribal areas, and other issues.

Tenth Broadband Progress Notice of Inquiry Statement (Chairman Wheeler) Statement (Commissioner Pai) Statement (Commissioner O’Rielly) How fast should basic Internet be? Telecom regulators want to know. (Washington Post) FCC: Should Usage Limits Factor into Sec. 706 Benchmarks? (B&C)