Sinclair Creating Bad Optics For FCC Chairman Pai

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[Commentary] Sinclair’s behavior in trying to merge with Tribune is doing it — and the entire broadcasting industry — no favors. By dragging out this process, and by pressing for every advantage, Sinclair is making life difficult for Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, who has been broadcasters’ best friend in that job in decades.

All the hooting and hollering by Democrats has apparently prompted the FCC inspector general to looked into Chairman Pai’s dealings with Sinclair. What he will find, I believe, is that Sinclair CEO David Smith met with Pai and made his case for regulatory relief and 3.0. That sounds like business as usual to me. In fact, if the head of any FCC-regulated business has not been into see Chairman Pai with a wish list at this point, they ought to be fired.

Sinclair Creating Bad Optics For Pai