Sen. Lee Reintroduces the SCREEN Act to Protect Children Online

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Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced the Shielding Children's Retinas from Egregious Exposure on the Net (SCREEN) Act, a step toward safeguarding minors from the pervasive threat of online pornographic content. Despite Congress's ongoing efforts over the past three decades to shield children from online pornography, prior legislative measures have been challenged and overturned by the Supreme Court on the grounds of not meeting the least restrictive means test. Nonetheless, the Court acknowledged the government's compelling interest to protect children. Advancements in technology since the Supreme Court last addressed this matter reveal a stark reality: traditional methods like blocking and filtering software have fallen short, leaving an alarming 80% of teenagers exposed to online pornography. Senator Lee's SCREEN Act is a necessary evolution of the law, aligning technological progress with the government's duty to protect children. The Act mandates commercial pornographic websites to implement robust age verification technologies, providing a pragmatic and narrowly tailored solution to a complex problem.

Sen. Lee Reintroduces the SCREEN Act to Protect Children from Online Pornography S.3314 - A bill to require certain interactive computer services to adopt and operate technology verification measures to ensure