Remarks of FCC Commissioner Starks to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Annual Legislative Conference

[The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Annual Legislative Conference] is a time to highlight our policy priorities and develop collaborative solutions so that when we return to our communities, whether Brooklyn (NY), Southeast DC, or Jackson (MS) we’re better equipped to “bend the arc of the moral universe” toward a greater measure of justice through our work.

The benefits of a 5G world need to do just that – benefit all of us in the real world. For starters, those building out the next generation network need to look like America. The entire range of Americans’ interests must be present in the process. But there is an even bigger picture here. We need to be ready for the changing future of work – that includes making sure that we re-train and up-skill our most senior workers who will be displaced; making sure all of our children have the best STEM education so that they can drive innovation, and every population in between. Over the coming days, I hope to join with all of you in this space to bring together educators, community leaders, policy-makers and technology companies. We need smart cities to also be 21st Century Innovation Hubs that build the economic transition model for a future of prosperity for all Americans. The technology doesn’t lead us, we lead the technology. So let’s get started. 

Commissioner Starks Remarks at CBCF Annual Legislative Conference