Remarks of FCC Commissioner O'Rielly at Arkansas Broadcasters' Annual Conference

Let me touch on a few Federal Communications Commission-related issues that may be relevant and hopefully of interest to you. Children’s Television Regulations: We worked with those on either side of the debate to come up with a new framework that  both preserves existing shows for those who watch—no matter how small the audience—and gives stations more flexibility in meeting their requirements, both of which reflect the priorities I laid out when we started this process. Pirate Radio: Expect the FCC to take advantage of new technology to better pinpoint violations. Competitive Market Definition, Deregulation, & Media Ownership: I successfully added a process in our last Quadrennial Review to force the FCC's analysis to be based on market realities. STELA Reauthorization: Congress makes the decision on this one, and the FCC simply operates according to the statue. 

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly Before the 2019 Arkansas Broadcasters Association Annual Conference