Give wireless a bigger seat at the broadband deployment table

Source: RCRWireless
Author: Craig Settles
Coverage Type: op-ed
USA, United States

[Commentary] It is important that we engage policymakers at the state and national level to force them to make better policy decisions. There is no reason for these legislative battles we’re seeing in Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri and elsewhere other than to heed the call of incumbents’ lobbyists out to stifle competition. States have to follow the lead of Georgia, where their state legislators declared all options – including municipal networks – viable in an “all hands on deck” approach to broadband deployments.

Policymakers must have broadband funding and grant programs that follow suite. Wireless providers must have seats at that table. For many years, wireless internet service providers have enabled communities that otherwise would never see the broadband light of day except for their efforts. They repeatedly have proven their ability to do great things with little money. Now is the time to capitalize on that experience.

[Craig Settles assists communities develop broadband business and marketing plans, and help them raise money for broadband projects.]


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