President Trump Hands Out ‘Fake News Awards'

President  Donald Trump — who gleefully questioned President Barack Obama’s birthplace for years without evidence, long insisted on the guilt of the Central Park Five despite exonerating proof and claimed that millions of illegal ballots cost him the popular vote in 2016 — wanted to have a word with the American public about accuracy in reporting. So, after weeks of shifting deadlines, and cryptic clues, President Trump released his long-promised “Fake News Awards,” an anti-media project that had alarmed advocates of press freedom and heartened his political base. The “winners” were CNN, mentioned four times; The New York Times, with two mentions; and ABC, The Washington Post, Time and Newsweek, with one mention apiece. The various reports singled out by President Trump touched on serious issues, like the media’s handling of the investigation by the special counsel Robert Mueller III into the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia, and frivolous matters, like the manner in which journalists conveyed how the president fed fish during a stop at a koi pond on his visit to Japan.

President Trump Hands Out ‘Fake News Awards' Fact-checking President Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’ The “winners” of Trump’s fake news awards, annotated