Ookla US Speed Test: As 5G dawns, US mobile download speeds jump, uploads stay slow

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No matter how you look at it, mobile network performance has improved in the US thus far in 2019. In Q1-Q2 2019, the US ranked 40th in the world for mean download speed over mobile, which positions the country between Spain and Saudi Arabia. Mean download speed over mobile in the US increased 24.0% between the same quarter in 2018, to 33.88 Mbps. This raised the US three spots in world rankings for mobile download speed over the prior year. The US ranked 94th for mean upload speed, between Angola and Poland. Mobile operators are just now rolling out 5G in some of the largest cities in the US, which is dramatically improving speeds in those cities.

2019 Speetest from Ookla Ookla: As 5G dawns, U.S. mobile download speeds jump, uploads stay slow (Venture Beat)