NTIA Adds New Senior Leadership to a Growing Team

Throughout the summer of 2022, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) brought in top-tier talent to lead its key offices. The NTIA announced that Scott Blake Harris has joined the Office of the Assistant Secretary as Senior Spectrum Advisor. Scott will be the lead emissary on spectrum coordination and will drive the agency's National Spectrum Strategy efforts. Earlier this summer, the NTIA had Grace Abuhamad transition from Senior Advisor to the role of Acting Chief of Staff. Parul Desai also joined the agency in June to lead the NTIA Office of Congressional Affairs after having served more than seven years at the FCC and as a detailee to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. In May the NTIA welcomed Charlie Meisch as Director of NTIA’s Office of Public Affairs, where he will lead the communications efforts for the agency.

Adding New Senior Leadership to Our Growing Team