New York State Releases Statewide Address-Level Broadband Map

The New York State Public Service Commission released a first-of-its-kind, interactive broadband map to provide the most detailed depiction of broadband infrastructure in New York to date. The map, along with an accompanying report, is the result of months of field assessments conducted by the Commission in the state's most remote areas, covering more than 80,000 miles. In order to collect accurate data, the Commission collaborated with 60 internet service providers and surveyed tens of thousands of New York consumers. The new map will allow individual New Yorkers and policymakers to analyze a more accurate representation of which locations are served, underserved or unserved. The Commission found that 97.4 percent of New York State address locations are served by high-speed broadband service providers. The map demonstrates that high-speed broadband services remain unavailable to many New Yorkers in predominately rural areas, in places like Hamilton County, and Lewis County, which are 70.2 percent and 73 percent served, respectively. Furthermore, it shows that counties with the lowest median income were found to have the highest average prices for broadband and the lowest percentage of served locations. The Commission's broadband mapping division will continue to prioritize refining this data through the rest of 2022.

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