New Media Ventures announces $1.2 million in new funding

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Key startups and nonprofits are getting a boost thanks to the latest round of funding from a progressive investment firm. New Media Ventures, a seed fund and national network of angel investors supporting media and tech startups that disrupt politics and catalyze progressive change, announced $1.2 million in grants and investments to 13 startups with a focus on technology, media, and political organizing. The list of recipients includes groups like MobilizeAmerica, Resistance Labs and Run for Something. MobilizeAmerica aims to create one centralized “marketplace” for Democratic volunteers, allowing various groups and campaigns to tap into one network of foot soldiers. It counts heavy-hitters like MoveOn and Organizing for Action as among its clients. The new class also includes advocacy startups like Weird Enough Productions — a “media company that uses superheroes and comic books to teach middle and high school students how to combat fake news” — and Jolt, which seeks to mobilize the Latino community in Texas.

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