National Science Foundation Launches Spectrum Innovation Center

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The US National Science Foundation (NSF) is announcing a $25 million investment over five years to launch SpectrumX, an NSF Spectrum Innovation Center that will address the growing demand for usage of the radio spectrum. This represents the first federal investment in a national center focused on the transformation of wireless spectrum management. SpectrumX is a coalition of 27 institutions led by the University of Notre Dame. SpectrumX will develop new ways to share and manage the radio spectrum; act as a hub for collaboration among researchers, industry, government agencies and others; and develop the diverse workforce needed for future growth. The overall goal of SpectrumX is to maximize the benefits of the radio spectrum for society. The investment in SpectrumX is part of the Spectrum Innovation Initiative, a collaboration between NSF, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and the Federal Communications Commission to promote dynamic and agile spectrum utilization while ensuring innovation and security for all users. With NTIA and FCC’s partnership, this initiative is designed to promote dynamic and agile spectrum and help align NSF’s investments with US spectrum regulatory and policy objectives, principles and strategies.

NSF announces the launch of SpectrumX, an NSF Spectrum Innovation Center