House Democrats campaigned on net neutrality. But will they act on it?

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A majority of the new Democrats in the House have made public statements supporting network neutrality, giving advocates hope that the new members of Congress will have the issue in mind moving forward. Past statements from all 64 new Democrats indicate that at least 45 of them publicly supported net neutrality. Several new lawmakers criticized the Federal Communications Commission‘s decision to rescind the rules in 2017 while others tried to drum up support for the efforts to the use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to overturn the agency’s decision that ultimately was unsuccessful. But the effort to use the CRA failed to garner enough support in the last session of Congress. Now lawmakers are unable to use it again. This means legislative options—or waiting out the clock with the hopes of a Democrat taking the reigns of the FCC after the 2020 election—remain the most viable congressional options.

House Dems campaigned on net neutrality. But will they act on it?