Gov McMaster and Rep Clyburn announce $490,000,000 investment in broadband access in South Carolina

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South Carolina Gov Henry McMaster (R-SC) and Rep James Clyburn (R-SC) announced the state has appropriated an investment of around $490,000,000 for broadband. The money comes from four broadband infrastructure grant programs. The state said it has already awarded $55,246,310. An additional $400,000,000 is planned to be awarded over the next 12 months, with an initial $180,000,000 by December 2022. The funding brought access to high-speed internet for more than 100,000 households in South Carolina. The South Carolina Broadband Office estimates over 275,000 people in the state still lack broadband.

Gov. McMaster and Rep. Clyburn announce $490,000,000 investment in broadband access