FTC Takes Action Against Frontier for Lying about Internet Speeds

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The Federal Trade Commission has moved to stop internet service provider Frontier Communications from lying to consumers and charging them for high-speed internet speeds it fails to deliver. Under a proposed order with the FTC and two California law enforcement agencies, Frontier will be prohibited from tricking consumers about its slow internet service and required to support its speed claims. Frontier must also provide current customers with free and easy cancellations when it fails to deliver the promised speeds. In addition to prohibiting the conduct outlined in the complaint, other provisions of the proposed order:

  • require Frontier to substantiate its internet speed claims at a customer-by-customer level for new and complaining customers and notify customers when it is unable to do so;
  • require Frontier to ensure it can provide the internet service speeds it advertises before signing up, upgrading, or billing new customers;
  • prohibit Frontier from signing up new customers for its DSL internet service in areas where the high number of users sharing the same networking equipment causes congestion resulting in slower internet service; and
  • require the company to notify existing customers who are receiving DSL internet service at speeds lower than was advertised and allow those customers to change or cancel their service at no charge.

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