File-sharing application settles with FTC


The Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement with a file-sharing application that used default settings that exposed photos and videos of its users.

The FTC charged that Frostwire’s default settings misled consumers about which files it shared on its network. As soon as users installed the application, it would publicly share photos, videos and documents stored on the users' computers, according to the FTC. “Once installed, the Frostwire applications allow potentially millions of people throughout the world to copy files from a user’s computer with little or no notice to that user at the time the files are shared,” the FTC found. FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said the application compromised the privacy of not only the users of the application, but anyone in users’ pictures and videos.

File-sharing application settles with FTC Can default P2P settings break the law? US says yes (ars technica)