Fight for the Future Seeks Senate GOP Commitments on Net Neutrality Bill

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With the Save the Internet Act, a bill to restore network neutrality, having passed the House, activists at Fight for the Future are looking to get enough Republican Senators on board to push it through the Senate. In the last Congress, before the Democrats regained control of the House, the Congressional Review Act aimed at rolling back the deregulatory Restoring Internet Freedom Order narrowly passed the Senate with the help of independents who caucus with the Democrats and three Republicans: Sens John Kennedy (R-LA), Lisa Murkowski (R-AR) and Susan Collins (R-ME). Fight for the Future wants to get Sens Murkowsky and Collins on the record on where they stand in this new session of Congress, since they have yet to sign on to the Senate version of the Save the Internet Act. Sen Kennedy reportedly has said he will vote the same way he did last time, which was to restore the rules. But even if all three voted for the bill, that would leave a 50-50 split, with Vice President Mike Pence almost certain to break the tie by voting against it since the President has been advised by Office of Management and Budget to veto the bill.

Net Neutrality Activists Seek GOP Commitments on Net Bill