FCC Submits Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2023

On March 28, the Federal Communications Commission presented its fiscal year 2023 budget request. The budget request will be used to support the following Strategic Goals:

  1. Pursue a “100 Percent” Broadband Policy: the FCC will pursue policies to help bring affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband to 100 percent of the country.
  2. Promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility: the FCC will work to ensure equitable and inclusive access and facilitate the ability of underserved individuals and communities to leverage and benefit from the wide range of opportunities made possible by digital technologies, media, communication services, and next-generation networks.
  3. Empower Consumers: The FCC will tackle new challenges to consumer rights and opportunities stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, pursue effective enforcement and new approaches to protect consumers from unwanted and intrusive communications, and work to enhance competition and pursue policies that protect the competitive process to improve consumer choice and access to information.
  4. Enhance Public Safety and National Security: The FCC will pursue policies to promote the availability of secure, reliable, interoperable, redundant, and rapidly restorable critical communications infrastructure and services.
  5. Advance America’s Global Competitiveness: The FCC will take action to promote investment and advance the development and deployment of new communications technologies, such as 5G, that will allow the nation to remain a global leader in an increasingly competitive, international marketplace.  The FCC will work with its federal partners to advocate for US interests abroad.
  6. Foster Operational Excellence: The FCC should be a model for excellence in government by effectively managing its resources, maintaining a commitment to transparent and responsive processes that encourage public involvement and decision-making that best serves the public interest, and encouraging a culture of collaboration both internally and across government agencies.

FCC FY 2023 Congressional Budget Justification