FCC Seeks Comment on Privacy Issues Concerning Consumer Challenge Process

The Federal Communications Commission proposes to add a new system of records, FCC/WCB–4, Consumer Challenge Process, to its inventory of records systems subject to the Privacy Act of 1974. The Consumer Challenge Process system of records contains personally identifiable information (PII) submitted by individuals, or third parties on behalf of individuals, needed to establish eligibility to challenge the accuracy of Participants’ submissions, provide sufficient information for Participants to respond to a challenge, and create accurate maps of Participant coverage or eligible locations. To establish eligibility, prospective Stakeholders who are individuals must submit certain PII that will be used to verify their identities and their interest in receiving services from a Participant in the relevant geographic area, i.e., the coverage area for DODC, or the Participant’s supported areas for ELAP. In certain programs, the PII will also be used to establish that the Stakeholders do not hold a controlling interest in a competitor. Once verified, Stakeholders may submit additional PII to establish that specific geolocations are eligible locations, such as evidence verifying ownership or occupancy of a location. Participation in any Consumer Challenge Process is voluntary. This system of records will become effective on March 9, 2021. Written comments on the routine uses are due by April 8, 2021. The routine uses will become effective on April 8, 2021, unless written comments are received that require a contrary determination.

Notice of a new system of records