FCC Eliminates Channel Lineup Requirements Applicable to Cable Operators

The Federal Communications Commission eliminated two rules pertaining to cable operators’ channel lineups. Specifically, it eliminated a rule which requires cable operators to maintain at their local office a current listing of the cable television channels that each cable system delivers to its subscribers. Secondly, it eliminated the requirement that certain cable operators make their channel lineup available through their FCC-hosted online public inspection file. The FCC concluded that these requirements are unnecessary as channel lineups are readily available to consumers today through a variety of other means, including the websites of individual cable operators, third-party websites, on-screen electronic program guides, and paper guides. The FCC also noted that its rules separately require cable operators to send channel lineup information to cable subscribers at least once a year and make that information available upon request at any time. 

FCC Eliminates Outdated Channel Lineup Requirements Applicable to Cable Operators