FCC Commissioners Respond to Network Neutrality Ruling

After the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit released its network neutrality decision, members of the Federal Communications Commission released statements.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said, “Today’s ruling is a victory for consumers and innovators who deserve unfettered access to the entire web, and it ensures the internet remains a platform for unparalleled innovation, free expression and economic growth. After a decade of debate and legal battles, today’s ruling affirms the Commission’s ability to enforce the strongest possible internet protections – both on fixed and mobile networks – that will ensure the internet remains open, now and in the future.”

“Today’s D.C. Circuit court decision represents a resounding victory for the American people,” said FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn. “The Commission relied on a voluminous record, which included more than four million comments, and demonstrated that a free and open internet is at the very heart of our American democracy. I am particularly pleased that the court upheld protections for mobile consumers, something for which I fought mightily during the lead-up to the Commission’s vote last year. The Court’s validation of that position makes clear that no matter how one accesses the internet, it will remain an open platform that enables free speech, freedom of expression and innovation to flourish.”

”The internet is the most dynamic platform for free speech ever invented and our internet economy is the envy of the world. Today’s decision supports internet principles of fairness and openness—the principles that keep us innovative, fierce, and creative,” said FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel.

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, who voted against the net neutrality rules, said, “I am deeply disappointed by the D.C. Circuit’s 2-1 decision upholding the FCC’s Internet regulations. For many of the reasons set forth in Judge Williams’ compelling dissent, I continue to believe that these regulations are unlawful, and I hope that the parties challenging them will continue the legal fight. The FCC’s regulations are unnecessary and counterproductive.”

“The D.C. Circuit’s decision is more than disappointing,” said FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly, “but I expect it to be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court so this opinion is not necessarily the final say. If allowed to stand, however, today’s decision will be extremely detrimental to the future of the Internet and all consumers and businesses that use it. We all will rue the day the Commission was confirmed to have nearly unmitigated power over the Internet -- and all based on unsubstantiated, imaginary ‘harms.’ More troubling is that the majority opinion fails to apprehend the workings of the Internet, and declines to hold the FCC accountable for an order that ran roughshod over the statute, precedent, and any comments or analyses that did not support the FCC’s quest to deliver a political victory. It also confirms why every parliamentary trick in Congress was used to pack this particular court.”

FCC Commissioners Respond to Network Neutrality Ruling Statement (Commissioner Clyburn) Statement (Commissioner Rosenworcel) Statement (Commissioner Pai) Statement (Commissioner O’Rielly)