FCC commissioner weighs in on net neutrality

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Of all the issues before the Federal Communications Commission, none has triggered such tremendous public response as the agency’s proposal on so-called network neutrality, in which Internet providers would be required to treat all online traffic alike.

One of three Democrats on the five-member commission, FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel broadly supports prohibiting providers from favoring one form of Internet traffic over another.

“If you want to be able to go and do something on a legal website, your broadband provider shouldn’t impede your ability to do so,” Commissioner Rosenworcel said.

But how much federal regulation would be needed to meet this goal? Many net neutrality advocates want to see the Internet regulated as a public utility, as the phone companies once were. Commissioner Rosenworcel seemed reluctant to go that far. While there’s plenty of online innovation, she said, there isn’t as much competition among Internet providers.

FCC commissioner weighs in on net neutrality