FCC Chairwoman Rosenworcel's Remarks at the 2022 5G Summit

At the [Federal Communications Commission], we are determined to make progress. We are pursuing a 5G agenda that I believe can move the country forward, expand infrastructure investment, and pry open the doors of opportunity for all. And thanks to our work over the last year, we are making real strides toward building that 5G future. So here it goes—five things we are doing right now to support the future of 5G. First, we are investing in broadband and wireless coverage data. Second, we are making wireless service more affordable. The FCC launched the nation’s largest-ever broadband affordability effort—now called the Affordable Connectivity Program. Third, we are freeing up more spectrum—and especially mid-band spectrum—for 5G. Fourth, on the equipment side, we are diversifying what goes into our 5G networks. Fifth, we are improving the way we coordinate with our federal partners. Earlier this month I announced a new Spectrum Coordination Initiative with Assistant Secretary Alan Davidson at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

I started with five things we are doing for 5G, and now I am going to close with five ideas about what we can do next. First, we should provide certainty around near-term spectrum opportunities. Second, we should explore updating the Commercial Spectrum Enhancement Act to make it a more effective tool for repurposing spectrum. Third, we should explore receiver performance. Fourth, we should consider the broader use of incentives. Fifth and finally, we should use this opportunity to solve our most pressing communications challenges. We can put our public airwaves to broader public purpose in any spectrum auction reauthorization

Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, 2022 5G Summit, Washington, DC