FCC Chairwoman Rosenworcel Announces New Office Leadership

Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced Denise Bambi Kraus will serve as the Chief of the Office of Native Affairs and Policy. As Chief,  Kraus will further the FCC's efforts to bring the benefits of modern communications to all Native communities. The Office of Native Affairs and Policy (ONAP) assists the FCC in developing policies and programs to address the lack of adequate communications services on Tribal lands nationwide. It also plans and leads the FCC's outreach to Tribal governments and organizations, to increase their awareness and participation in Commission initiatives and proceedings. Additionally, Kraus will be responsible for overseeing the work of the Native Nations Communications Task Force as part of her role as Chief. The Office of Native Affairs and Policy under the leadership of Bambi Kraus will focus on four priority areas:

  • Mapping: ONAP will lead Tribal consultation and provide technical assistance to ensure all Tribal Nations have the support that they need to participate in the agency's ongoing broadband data collection effort and expand the accuracy of the FCC's broadband availability maps.
  • Access: ONAP will lead a Tribal Nation engagement strategy to connect Tribal libraries through the agency's E-rate program.
  • Affordability: ONAP will continue to work closely within Native country to promote the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and its enhanced Tribal benefit.
  • Sustainability: ONAP's Native Nations Taskforce will work to develop a framework for long term telecommunications infrastructure sustainability.

Chairwoman Rosenworcel Announces New Office Leadership