FCC Announces Vacancies in Membership of Intergovernmental Advisory Committee and Seeks Nominees

The Federal Communications Commission has expanded the membership of the Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (IAC) from 15 members to 30 members. By this Public Notice, the FCC seeks applications for membership to the IAC from local, state and Tribal government officials to fill the 15 new positions and also announces three additional vacancies in the existing IAC membership. 

Specifically, the FCC is soliciting applications to replace Commissioner Ronald Brisé from the Florida Public Service Commission, whose term as Commissioner will end in January 2018, Kasim Reed, Mayor City of Atlanta, whose term as Mayor also ends in January 2018 and Edwin M. Lee, Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco, who unfortunately passed away in December 2017.

Applications for membership are due 60 days from the release of the Public Notice. Applications should be submitted in accordance with the procedures outlined below. Members appointed by the Chairman of the Commission to fill the vacancies will serve through the end of the IAC’s current term, which will run through March 24, 2019.