FCC Announces June 2022 Open Commission Meeting Agenda

The Federal Communications Commission has announced its agenda for the June 2022 Open Commission Meeting:

  • The FCC will consider a Notice of Inquiry on how best to meet our offshore spectrum needs and unleash wireless innovation at sea.
  • The FCC will vote to update the record in its proceeding regarding why some wireless 911 calls are misrouted to the wrong call center and will seek comment on improvements that would help to reduce misrouting of 911 calls and improve emergency response times.
  • The FCC will consider a proposal to allow low-power television stations providing local programming for audiences to continue their existing FM6 radio service, provided that they meet certain conditions, including interference protection and the provision of a synchronous TV service to consumers.
  • The FCC will also consider an action from the Enforcement Bureau.

June 2022 Open Meeting Agenda