Donald Trump faced down Fox News. And won.

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FOX News Channel, 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10036, United States

[Commentary] The fact that Donald Trump just won a stand-off with Fox is remarkable. In the wake of Aug 6's Republican debate, Trump made quite clear -- as only he can -- that he thought he had been mistreated by the Fox moderators and, in particular, Megyn Kelly. On Aug 11, Trump tweeted this out: "Roger Ailes just called. He is a great guy & assures me that 'Trump' will be treated fairly on @FoxNews. His word is always good!" That's Roger Ailes, chairman and CEO of Fox News. And, yes, Trump made sure to emphasize that Ailes called him -- not the other way around.

Then there's this reporting from New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman: "According to a source briefed on the negotiations, Ailes called Trump 'multiple' times yesterday morning 'begging' him to tweet out that they had made peace." Sherman also reported that Ailes had offered Trump the chance to sit down with Kelly on air but Trump refused. Right around the same time Sherman's item posted, Trump tweeted: "Will be interviewed by @seanhannity tonight for the full hour. Hope you enjoy it and, more importantly, hope you agree!" An hour with Hannity is something any of the other Republicans running for president would do almost anything for. How did Trump get it? All he had to do was to go after one of the network's star primetime anchors and rising stars. Donald Trump has done a lots of things I thought were impossible in the course of this campaign. Staring down Fox News and winning might be his most amazing feat yet.


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