Dish asks FCC to stop Sprint-SoftBank review

Dish Network asked the Federal Communications Commission to stop reviewing SoftBank's proposed purchase of Sprint Nextel, arguing the FCC can't fairly weigh in given Dish's $25.5 billion bid for Sprint. "If the commission were to act on the pending SoftBank-Sprint proposal before market issues are settled, the commission's actions could have the perverse effect of undermining its policy of strict neutrality in corporate valuation contests by giving a leg up to one of the contestants," Dish's filing to the FCC concluded. Dish said its offer for Sprint "is better for the American consumer, better for Sprint's shareholders, and better for U.S. national security than the SoftBank proposal."

Dish asks FCC to stop Sprint-SoftBank review Dish: Our offer for Sprint is better 'for national security' than SoftBank offer (Fierce)